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Forum Rules

801st TFW Forum Rules

We expect all members to adhere to the following rules at all times

1. Be respectful to other members at all times

2. Do not post material that could be deemed as inappropriate or offensive by other members of the forum (such as pornography, extreme violence, racism or cruelty).

3. Posting links or the discussion and distribution of illegal copyrighted software on the forum is not permitted.

4. Do not spam the forum, whilst regular posting is encouraged, it is not necessary to post excessively or reply to every forum post.

5. When replying to another members post, try and stay "on topic".

6. If you wish to post a picture or screenshot, please either post a link to the picture, or resize the picture so it doesn't adversely affect forum performance.

7. Failure to follow the above rules will result in the member receiving a warning, temporary ban or in specific cases a permanent ban by the forum administrators.
(Any action taken by the forum administrators for a breach of the forum rules will be at the complete discretion of the forum administrators)

*. Most importantly we are all here to enjoy ourselves with this war simulation. Keep the fighting to the Campaign Hosts.

"You cant fight in here!...its the war room!" (Dr. Strangelove, 1964)